How to correctly detect the quality of glass bottles?

Regarding the glass bottle loader, which is very popular in our lives, many glass packaging bottles have more or less problems during the use of customers. In fact, these problems mainly lie in the quality inspection of the glass bottles by the manufacturer and the standards borne by the customers. . First of all, you must master the correct detection method, because if a very safe storage environment is not guaranteed in a bottled container with inferior performance, the food we store will also have very bad changes, so for everyone Consumers must be familiar with and master the correct detection method, and for this aspect, the glass bottle has been explained for us.

In the wine brewing process, there are many factors that affect product quality, such as raw material quality, technology, winemaking technology, etc. In addition, bottle defects (bottle date, bottle body and bottle bottom) and dirt are also key elements that affect wine quality. Therefore, the empty glass bottles must be inspected before the wine is filled, and the unqualified products must be eliminated before the wine can be filled. At present, most of them still use manual methods to inspect the quality of empty glass bottles, which is inefficient, slow and labor intensive. Therefore, in view of the highly repetitive work of glass bottle inspection, the application of machine vision theory to develop a glass bottle inspection device to realize the automatic inspection of empty bottles is of great significance in practice.

Linlang (Shanghai) Glass Products Co., Ltd. will conduct strict inspections on glass packaging bottles. At present, the standard of general glass packaging bottles for qualified products is as follows:

Physical and chemical indicators:

Heat-resistance sudden change: resistant to sudden cold, temperature difference 36 degrees Celsius without burst

Dilute acid erosion: acidic solution should be red

Internal stress: the real internal stress is not more than level 4

High temperature resistance: no burst at high temperature of 120 degrees Celsius

Appearance quality standard:

White and transparent, the flatness of the bottle mouth is less than 0.6mm, and the parallelism between the mouth plane and the bottom plane is less than 1mm, without bubbles, opaque sand, cracks, burrs, recessive and dominant blasting!


1: Take 10 qualified finished products into the pressure cooker, heat to 120 degrees Celsius, none of them burst

2: Take the number of qualified products and heat them to a certain temperature. Under the specified temperature difference, quickly cool down and none of them burst

3: Take a few qualified finished products Hand feeling: no scratching feel, no burr on the inner edge, smooth thread Visual inspection: smooth surface, crystal clear and bright, no hidden and dominant blasting!